Thursday, May 26, 2011

"23 things" for 21st Century Learners

This project is to allow CHS faculty to experiment with new technologies over the summer. You may try one or try them all. The goal is to have fun on YOUR time and to learn new technologies, to think of ways to integrate them into your curriculum, and then to build lessons (projects, assignments, evaluations, and grading rubrics) when YOU have TIME to work on them. Then next year, you can just print and go.

Make this fun, not stressful--there is no "right" way to do them. Just experiment, discover, explore, and think about the possibilities. If you don't like a technology, then just know it's out there and move on. You don't have to master them all (I certainly haven't). But I hope you can find at least one new technology application you can use for yourself, your class, or in lessons.

Here's how it will work: Over the summer, I will introduce "Things" or learning activities to introduce you to new Web 2.0 tools and concepts. I'm here to help, but you are your own mentor, and others who join will help along the way. You will soon find people to follow--others who teach your subject, others who are as "techy" as you or as "computer-illiterate" as you are. We will all help one another as we dabble and learn this summer.

I'm just one step ahead of you-- so please ask questions, have fun, and share way you could apply this in your classroom.